About Us

Back in the day, music producers who were good at discovering and developing talent were said to have "ears". Now those ears belong to the Crowd. We no longer want to be told what to like and assailed by brute-force advertising. We can discover and promote by ourselves.

At EARZ we think about music and music supporters differently. To us, music is art. It needs our patronage in order to exist. Art can take an infinite number of forms, however, it should not be treated as a product or a consumable, but as a source of enjoyment. We humans can find fun, meaning and purpose through the support of art and artists.

Our audience is people, not consumers. We assume your interest in music involves participation rather than the simple acquisition of "product". We want music to flourish in all its diversity and we want YOU to help.

We also want to make sure you are acknowledged and rewarded for your help in supporting music. This is why we have introduced the concept of "Incentivized Crowd Distribution"


Nice to see you, music patron! The world of music culture is in your hands.

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